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Environmental Consulting Professionals in Seattle

We all want a sustainable environment to pass on to future generations. However, making sure that your business is compliant with all necessary rules and regulations takes a professional who is trained and experienced in the field. Makah Consulting can help you with all your environmental consulting needs in Renton.

Environmental Compliance

There are many different areas of environmental compliance that a business must be aware of. Our team is extensively equipped to inspect and advise on matters of:
  • Water quality assessment
  • Wetland resources
  • 404/401 permitting
  • Coastal zone management
  • Endangered species
  • Fish and wildlife resources
  • Habitat management and restoration

Compensatory Mitigation Environmental Permitting

For a project to even be possible an applicant must have the necessary permits and authorizations so that the governing and managerial bodies of the state and county know the work will not be unduly disturbed and cause future issues. This process can be painstaking and time consuming, where even the slightest error in the permitting process can lead to project delays and inefficiencies. Our permitting and compliance approach includes communicating early and often in a project timeline, so that agency expectations can be established and incorporated into designs and permitting documents. Trust Makah Consulting to expedite the acquisition of these essential permits so that your business can move forward with its plans.

Environmental Consultation

Whether you have a new project on the horizon or are looking for consultation on a pre-existing venture, you have come to the right place. Makah Consulting can handle a program or project of any size and scope for those in the greater Renton area. Our in-depth knowledge, continuous monitoring of even the slightest changes in environmental procedures, efficiency and strong work ethic make us the perfect partner to guide you through the complex landscape of environmental policy practices.

NEPA/CEQA Services

When mapping out and managing a project it is impossible to move forward without understanding the policies set forth by the National Environmental Policy Act, NEPA. Makah Consulting provides services specifically designed to observe and fulfill  NEPA standards and practices:
  • Agency consultation
  • Environmental impact statements (EISs)
  • Environmental assessments (EAs)
  • Records of decision / mitigation monitoring programs
  • Third-party technical reviews
  • Socioeconomic studies
  • Comment analysis
  • Administrative records
  • Public outreach
  • Third-party contracting
Though we provide environmental consulting services throughout Washington State our team is equally well versed in the environmental laws and policies that govern the State of California. The California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, was produced shortly after NEPA to implement further environmental measures for the protection of natural resources, citizens and businesses. For CEQA specific compliance management and consultation Makah Consulting can be called upon for:
  • Compliance oversight and assistance
  • Agency consultation, interfacing and permitting
  • Categorical exemptions
  • Initial studies
  • Negative declaration/mitigated negative declarations
  • Environmental impact reports (EIRs)

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