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Seattle Project Management

Any time a business has a project that needs completion, there needs to be a plan. The plan has to be more than just do “A” and expect “B.” A proper plan involves the implementation of logistics planning and preparation, as well as analysis of the cost, and time frame for completion. With Makah Consulting, Seattle businesses have a consulting partner that is able to provide in-depth analysis of the needs and strains of any specific project.

Logistical Planning

Without logistical planning, a new venture may never be successfully finished. Ensuring that the correct materials arrive at the correct time is absolutely vital to a smooth operation. Our team works closely with dispatchers and material suppliers to eliminate the risk of missed shipments or inadequate supplies. Supply chain management relies on communication, and our comprehensive analytics package allows us to keep everything on schedule because we have all necessary information in the same location.

Project Analytics

For a business to really be confident whether or not an operation is going to be profitable, or even viable, a thorough analysis should be completed. Makah Consulting’s team uses experienced project managers to develop, manage and report on the scope, budget and quality of projects. By handling the entire analytics process of an operation ourselves, we are able to provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of viability, and profitability.

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Makah Consulting has served Seattle businesses for years in the capacity of an analytics and consultant firm and our extensive experience allows us to make sure that every operation goes off without a hitch. From working with dispatchers and suppliers, to analyzing budget, scope, and quality, we provide thorough, and relevant analytics consulting.